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Wassup about mentality?
Just a plain story of something I experienced.
Or maybe someone in somewhere out there whose experienced.

You know the saying 'hard work paid off' is kind of famous. It does famous not for nothing. It's for us to understand it. Study the quote if you want to know behind all of these. Someone does say it because it's real. Nothing in this world is happened without rhyme or reason. We have to believe the path we chose. Everything we did, it's all fate. It was meant to be that way. In life, we go through many sorrow and joy yet we don't really take the lesson of what's happening. But as long as you realize this one thing, I'm sure you won't be doing something moron always do. 

How the real life worked, we're being tested first. Soon, we'll learn the lesson.

The truth of life.
But honestly, I want to give encouragement.

Let the world know how to live a nice life. Not so nice like; flawless. But atleast it could help you little by little?

Once again.
Why does it's important?

You know u feel so much lack when you don't have that self-confidence. Can you figure it out what am I trying to convey? When you're down, lack of confidence, feeling lacking in everything, just try to put yourself together. Tell yourself that you'll be fine once you build the self-confidence for you to success. Just think that everything invisible in the real life will definitely happen. Absolutely! Because once you build the wall to defend yourself from any danger out there, you're brave enough. You've made an effort. Stand up proudly and encourage yourself; hard work paid off. So when you are fearless of nothing and slog for the goal, probably you'll feel the result is as much as you gave. That way, you're less disappoint. Pardon if I'm mistake.

Mindset is another thing to take care off well. No matter what the result we got after compete for the best, think the result as a reward. It's an appropriate reward though. Typical people will only look at the negative-side rather than knowing the positive of it. There's no one to blame on that mindset. It's your mistake for anticipate too much and yes, you don't want to set your mindset to the real human mindset should be.

"Every morning, we get a chance to be different. A chance to change. A chance to be better. Your past is past. Leave it there. Get on with the future part."


p/s: tbvh this post is for my classmates. they're really down about the class for 2015 and they should know this. but nvm they won't find out my blog cause I don't allow it lol. i hope they'll be doing fine. Allah plan is way better that i couldn't tell how much better is it. it's the best!

Random update


So after thinking about this and that,
go back and forth,
I decide to use this blog as my official blog.

Because the other one is so cheesy with ermm..
cheesy with everything.

Dekat sini kan, no love-talked is allowed LOLOLOL just to remind myself. But actually it's fine to talk about k-idol and sort /ehem. I just finished watching sungkyunkwan scandal and my heart is beating fast with that geol oh's smile. I keep face-palm-ing myself when its come to geol oh's scene. Errmm stop here about him or I'll go insane even moreeeeeeeeeee.

Ok ppyong.