Medical or Mathematics?

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i am currently having difficulty to live my life smh

Ssup. Okay I've finished my battle not too long ago but I just can't stop thinking about my future. Don't know if I could reach my dream or not. But hopefully it's all worked (ada ed ke lol)

What should I choose for next year? 
Ok it must be a great lie ah kalau kata I don't hv a hard time to pick the best course for me. You know that it is not something you can just decide in a split second. Because it's risky enough la do. How can you decide your future recklessly? You aren't able to turn back time and change everything just like what you want it to be.

Frankly, I'm neither good in science nor math.
Eng has always be the easiest subject for me.
And I don't want to be a teacher.

I want to be respected as someone really educated.

I do love math a lot but when I was in my form 2, my maths' mark wasn't stable. & it continue untill this year. I lost my confidence to be an accountant or whatever it is related to maths.

My parents would love it a lot if I decided to be a pharmacist. Yes that's what their expectation on me. Family aku takde yang amek medical ya so probably they want me to buat something abnormal from the others?

Well I don't really hate science. It's just most of the time, I can't brain what the hell on earth did the fact said about science. It all seems ridiculous to me because I can't understand it well. In other to become a pharmacist, I need to major in Chemistry. I looked up what's the qualification to be one. Minimum Bs on a few subjects.


I really hv no idea what should I choose. It's all about my future. Takkan la aku nak main pilih je kan. This is not some game or what. I shouldn't gamble on my life. I really can't. Istikharah is the only way. Anyway I don't even know what's my result. Let's pray the best for me! I really want to see my parents happy and proud of having me. I don't want them to regret of taking care someone who can't gv anything to them.

I do think working as a pharmacist is cool because I can't afford it to be a doctor. If I were a doctor, then I'll choose to major in neurosurgery. Well I am attracted to it after watching Doctors lmao nvm it gives me positive vibes tho.